Associate Design Director

Rachael Cicero

Notable Clients: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Hopelab, City of Seattle

Skills + Interest Areas: Human-centered design, service design, design strategy, civic tech, and digital systems

Favorite Design Resource: Civic Service Design Tools + TacticsThe Anarchist Libary

Rachael is a designer and strategist with expertise in service design and systems thinking. Before shifting professionally to design, Rachael spent over six years managing design and engineering projects at technology companies like Twitter, which fueled her curiosity for design and inspired her to pivot careers. 

Prior to joining Artefact, Rachael completed a graduate program in Human-Centered Design and served as the City of Seattle’s Civic Designer. She was responsible for spearheading research, community engagement, and evaluation efforts of City programs and service delivery. Her most memorable experience was working directly with Seattle Uber and Lyft drivers to inform components of Seattle’s Fare Share legislation related to pay standards and worker protections.

As an Associate Design Director, Rachael works to build internal capacity for clients and community members to continue utilizing human-centered methods and, ultimately, create experiences that afford equitable interactions for all. When she’s not thinking about her next design challenge, Rachael is most likely out hiking with her dog, Sully, or cozied up with a good book. Rachael holds a Master’s in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Rachael's work