We help you create better futures,
by design.

Artefact helps organization bring clarity to complex problems, uncover opportunities for impact, envision meaningful experiences with new technology, and craft beautiful products, services, and systems. with confidence.

Our values of agency, inclusion, understanding, caring, and resilience guide us in how we work and the solutions we create. We apply our services across industries to benefit people, communities, businesses, and society.

In addition to work with partners, our multi-disciplinary team creates forward-thinking ideas and resources and shares them with the world.

Case Study

Promote well-being.

We created a comprehensive set of principles and opportunity areas that informed Hopelab’s strategy aimed at influencing and activating emerging technologies in support of youth well-being.

Link to HopeLab case study

Case Study

Build resilience.

We transformed a Seattle Children’s Hospital emotional well-being program into a digital experience that helps young patients manage serious illness.

Link to Prism case study page

Case Study

Establish trust.

We helped Hyundai make sense of tomorrow’s emerging technology and explore an autonomous driving solution that fosters confidence and control.

Link to Hyundai case study page


Think ahead.

Use the Tarot Cards of Tech to explore the impact of your products on people and society.

Link to Tarot Cards of Tech page

Case Study

Integrate care.

We brought a systems approach to healthcare innovation with Aim, a concept service platform that delivers more cohesive, effective, and efficient care experiences.

Link to AIM project case study


Build Community.

Impact by Design is a community event series for people on a mission to design a better future. Join us.Link to Impact by Design Events Page