Juicebox portable battery with two cables connected to a cell phone and external battery.


Safe and reliable access to electrical power, no matter where you live.

Juice Box is an open energy system concept that allows people to capture energy from multiple sources, store and transport it to where it is needed, and power devices even in the remotest locations.

Designed to be flexible, Juice Box supports multiple energy sources—from the electrical grid, to solar, car battery, or even kinetic. It is our vision for a simple device that gives people, regardless of where they live, safe and reliable access to much-needed electrical power.

We centered the design on human needs to improves one’s ability to work, learn, get access to information, create better living conditions, or begin new business opportunities.

“From set top boxes to mobile UIs, the Seattle design firm Artefact is justly proud of its tech savvy. So when guest editor Bill Gates wished for a recharge-anywhere power source, we went to Artefact for help.”

How can we bring electricity to 1.2 billion people who live without it?

More than one billion people, or 20% of the world’s population, live without electricity. Vast rural areas in Africa and Asia are without power, limiting access to education, health, safety, and social mobility. Simply put, lack of electricity means permanent poverty. While the places where people live without electricity vary widely—in natural resources and seasons, they share a technical ingenuity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of community. Our challenge was to design a solution that addresses the energy access problem for the largest number of people possible in a way that gives them the freedom to build a better future. Our timeline was four weeks.

“1.2 billion people live off the power grid. This prototype from Artefact could make a big difference for them.”