Collage of college students graduating, amongst mountains and illustrations of a target and computer monitor displaying data in a bar chart

Education Technology

The Challenge

Driven by the collective efforts of advisors, teachers, and trusted adults, holistic advising has proved effective for steering students, irrespective of their backgrounds, towards credentials of value. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education (i.e., The Coordinating Board) in one of the largest states in the country aspired to establish a holistic and equitable advising system for all Learners (e.g., students and returning adults). Consequently, they enlisted the help of Artefact to delve into the needs and experiences of Learners and Supporters (e.g., advisors, counselors, parents, teachers, friends, and mentors) to develop a way forward.

The Outcome

Our six-month collaboration resulted in a comprehensive and actionable 5-year strategy and roadmap grounded in Learner and Supporter insights. It includes plans to modernize the Coordinating Board’s suite of digital advising tools, increase the availability of human support, and develop advisor effectiveness through training and capacity building. Since delivering the strategy, the state’s Commissioner approved the roadmap, and the initial phase is currently under implementation.

“I feel fortunate that I have people to encourage me on my journey to go back to school.”