“I saw a face for the first time in ten and a half years. I literally broke down crying…It’s like a gift for the rest of my life.”

“Working with Artefact was an exceptional experience. They are truly able to design at the intersection of technology and art. We are so proud of what they helped us create.”

While eSight helps people who experience low vision see faces, the headset can be a barrier to establishing eye contact. To solve for that and help people establish a more natural connection through eye contact, eSight features a patented “Bioptic Tilt.” It allows the user to easily change the headset’s position and seamlessly switch between ranges of vision depending on the task, environment or social situation.

“eSight 3 is smaller, lighter and more comfortable than eSight 2. I find myself wearing it throughout the day, so I’m much more productive.”

Enhancing vision and relationships with the world around you

While eSight boosts mobility and independence by improving vision, users also unequivocally told us that they do not want to be defined by their low vision. It was clear that eSight 3 should be a symbol of strength and empowerment, not a sign of disability. eSight 3 is designed not just to be functional, but to be sleek and sophisticated in appearance. Features like the ability to easily flip the glasses to establish eye contact strike the right balance between the novelty of technology and the timelessness of human connection and identity.

“Everyone is impressed with my new eSight 3. Strangers stop and ask me what it is because it looks so futuristic. When I tell them what it does, they’re even more impressed!”