Architecting complexity

The ability to use one massive data set to tell unique stories to multiple users creates an interesting design challenge. We built a navigation structure that creates a common experience across a range of scenarios. The navigation of the new Insights Dashboard allows the platform to show contextually appropriate views of the same data, making it easy for DreamBox users to access the information most relevant to them. A school administrator can see data across the district, school, and class levels together, whereas a principal’s view is focused only on their school and classrooms. Teachers see classroom and student data, and can make in-the-moment decisions about whether to stay the course or pivot to accelerate, differentiate, or remediate instruction.

“With a human-centered approach to technology at their core and a passion for education technology to match, Artefact was the natural partner for DreamBox Learning.”

From big data to meaningful data

Most reporting systems are all about data intensity—cramming as many numbers and metrics into a platform as possible. But all of that information is meaningless without the ability to hone in and illuminate it in actionable ways. We designed interactive report building blocks to produce relevant and meaningful insights. Easily customized visualizations allow for quick data exploration and targeted decision-making. For example, the new visualizations make it easy for teachers to track and compare student progress across the curriculum, helping identify where to provide guidance and when to celebrate success.

More time to engage students

Adding more technology to classrooms does not solve one of the biggest problems educators still face: they are pressed for time and supplying personalized attention to all students is nearly impossible. To make it easier for educators to track student performance in real time, we designed monitoring and notification features that align with educators’ goals. As a result, teachers are able to differentiate instruction early and often.

What we delivered

+ Generative research

+ Foresight

+ Concept envisioning

+ Experience design

+ Evaluative research

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