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SonoSite X-Porte The Power of Ultrasound, the Simplicity of Touch

From experimental work for the U.S. Department of Defense to highly advanced ultrasound systems used around the globe, SonoSite is defining the next-generation point-of-care ultrasound. The company has earned worldwide recognition for its progressive product line, educational programs, and advocacy for a broader understanding of the multiple benefits of ultrasounds.

When work began on a new flagship product, X-Porte, SonoSite approached Artefact to help create a highly configurable, intuitive and approachable user interface that replaces traditional button arrays with a large touch screen.

Moving from buttons to touch brings several advantages. More and more, patterns that have become popular in consumer devices are moving into professional environments due to their power and familiarity. Well-designed touchscreen UIs have the potential to make previously complex medical devices more accessible to a wider range of medical professionals while simplifying the experience for the specialists.

Our work helped inform SonoSite’s direction for X-Porte and while the product evolved significantly from our initial design, we are proud of our contribution to SonoSite’s ongoing success.


Confidence at first sight

Clinicians feel confident about using X-Porte from the first time. Clear visual design emphasizing the relevant controls, easily reversible actions and one-touch navigation to the home screen allow them to feel in control and focus on the patient.

Walk up and use

One of the goals of our design was to empower clinicians to use X-Porte without any UI training. Each step has clear, goal-oriented instructions and only task-relevant controls are displayed. The user can turn on descriptions and videos to understand certain modes or functionalities.

All about the magic image

The hero of the ultrasound experience is the image and we built the UI around it. The image and its related calculations are represented as an almost physical image card that can be directly manipulated, following the workflow of the exam itself.


Immersion and partnership

We built clarity on program objectives, did detailed walkthroughs and procedure observations with experienced sonographers and non-traditional users. Working in close collaboration with SonoSite’s experts, we gained a deep understanding of design standards across the industry and the possible implications of new ideas.

Concept ideation

Based on our findings and understanding from the immersion phase we established UI priorities and fundamental design principles. We delivered concepts against those principles, validating, iterating and refining our ideas.

Refine and adjust

As we delved deeper and learned more, we refined our thinking and evolved our concepts. We worked towards a final direction and comprehensive design solution. We used a rapid iterative test and evaluation (RITE) process to evolve and validate the design.

Spec and overview

At the completion of our engagement, we delivered a comprehensive document to capture the design solution. It included design principles, rationale, priorities as well as a detailed specification of our design, including grids, detailed graphics and behaviors.