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PIRCH Advisor A First of Its Kind Retail Application

PIRCH is an award-winning kitchen and bath retailer, whose mission is to reinvent the shopping experience for those who are building or remodeling their homes, as well as those who serve in trades related to those endeavors.

Walking into one of PIRCH’s stores for the first time is awe-inspiring. From complimentary espresso to a showroom that looks like your dream home, full-time chefs who will cook you lunch (or at least freshly baked cookies), to in-store events and classes geared to help you to “Live JoyfullyTM,” PIRCH inspires its customers to dream. Its hospitality and customer service philosophy is based on the belief that the industry’s existing shopping experience, with its utilitarian, warehousing approach feels like the antithesis of a customer’s end goal – a warm, inviting home.

PIRCH focuses on the human experience by investing in creating meaningful relationships with their customers. It was this singular focus that made PIRCH drop the industrial home décor centers and move their state-of-the-art showrooms into high-traffic retail locations.

When the company started exploring how to further enhance the customer experience through technology, our shared commitment to creating unique and meaningful consumer experiences across channels and industries led them to Artefact.

The resulting digital experience, PIRCH Advisor, is a one-of-a-kind application that helps PIRCH’s Lifestyle Experience Advisors (sales people) enhance customer relationships through personalized interaction and deep product discovery. It is an app like no other retail application or CRM system — one that puts the customer, their project and dream in the center, rather than specs, supplier details and logistics.

PIRCH Advisor is a modern, user-friendly, customer-centric way to interact with the customer and build long term brand loyalty and engagement, while ensuring seamless integration with the backend systems.

“At PIRCH, our ultimate focus is making each and every customer visit a memorable one. We did not simply set out to find a technology solution, we set out to enhance the customer experience. This is what made Artefact the ideal partner for us not only for the development of PIRCH Advisor but for mapping out the bigger, broader vision for the role of technology in our stores and beyond.”

Jeffery Sears, PIRCH CEO


Not just products, projects

From the beginning of the process, PIRCH Advisor helps keep advisors focused on outcomes rather than individual products. Organizing by room brings the functional, aesthetic, budgetary and logistical considerations to light from the beginning.

No limits to dreaming

PIRCH Advisor allows Lifestyle Experience Advisors to save customers’ favorite products into Room Collections, so they can easily see how products would look together. Advisors can follow up with by emailing clients a printable PDF of their collections, so they can review them with architects, designers, builders, friends and family, and be able to imagine how their selected items will look in the context of their home.

It’s all in the details

PIRCH Advisor gives Lifestyle Experience Advisors access to all the product details like product specs, manuals and installation instructions right from the product page. This simple feature saves them hours of time digging through the website or backroom catalogs to get customers the information they need to make a decision.

Visual proposals in minutes, not hours

Prior to PIRCH Advisor, the single most time-consuming part of the process for advisors was the time it took to create a proposal. With the digitization of PIRCH’s products, the time required to create an informative and visually inspiring proposal has been cut down from hours to mere minutes.

Immersive product visualization

PIRCH Advisor has a comprehensive product catalog full of rich product photography, and is organized in the way customers think about their projects – by room – rather than the cold industry standards of Appliances, Plumbing, Fixtures, etc.

Easy to use, easy to share

The HTML application is optimized to work on an iPad mini, allowing Advisors to easily add details to a customer profile or their collections. Not only does this enhance an advisor’s understanding of a customer’s needs, but it makes it easy for other PIRCH employees to deliver a personalized customer experience without missing a beat.


Experience maps

Our research into customers and advisors informed detailed experience maps that highlighted key milestones in the PIRCH journey.

Product roadmap

Using insights from the understanding phase, a product roadmap was created to detail the near and long term strategy including where PIRCH Advisor 1.0 would fit in.

Agile design and development

From scenario development to CRM integration, the integrated design and development team worked in sprints to design, spec and develop PIRCH Advisor.

Into advisors’ hands

We worked with the PIRCH team on the initial deployment of PIRCH Advisor, creating training and user guide materials as well as providing hands-on training and support.