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Medley When Minutes Matter

Because hospital care teams work in shifts and a patient’s condition can change from minute to minute, real-time information, collaboration, and communication is essential to provide the best care possible.

Based on our work with Seattle Children’s we built Medley, a mobile app centered on the care team goals for patients. Medley’s core experience enables medical care teams to set up goal for discharging patients and exchange quick messages and status around those goals.

The data visualization provides an easy, seamless way to prioritize and collaborate around a patient’s needs, especially during shift changes. Medley can also be connected to existing electronic medical record databases to provide medical teams with prioritized, up-to-the-minute patient information.


Optimized for mobile

Medley provides a clean interface for fast and easy data entry. It’s optimized for short-form entry with a suggestion dropdown activated as data is entered.

Priorities list

Individual patient priority lists shared and managed across the care team consist of notes, to-do items, and critical stats, resulting in improved care.

Team member profiles

An up-to-date view of the team on duty provides their area of expertise and contact information.

Improved efficiency in discharging healthy patients

The discharge date is calculated based on the discharge goals set by the team and is updated based on the latest patient information.