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Intel North Cape A Detachable Tablet Done Right

Windows 8 crosses the boundaries from the traditional desktop computing to a mobile touch user experience. Intel’s latest Fourth Gen Intel® Core™ Processor supports both the high-performance requirements of traditional PC experience and the low power and weight requirements of mobile touch applications.

Intel and Artefact embarked on a journey to build North Cape, a premium consumer-focused 13” convertible computer, whose ingenious features and capabilities would illustrate the potential of detachable tablets in the future of home computing.

The focus of the project was to optimize the device both for touch and productivity, without adding cumbersome mechanisms or interactions. Our ultimate goal was to enable a seamless transition between the modes, in order to create a truly differentiated experience.


One-touch closing mechanism

Intel’s processor and Microsoft’s operating system switch between PC and touch mode with absolute ease. Intel’s and Artefact’s design and engineering teams pushed the envelope to have North Cape match this behavior: using an electromagnetic detachment mechanism, the screen can be removed and attached with one hand by pressing a button on the top edge of the screen. Detaching the tablet from the keyboard has never been easier.

Adaptive screen bezel

The team also implemented "Smart Frame," a virtual bezel feature that allows North Cape to use the maximum screen real estate when in notebook model, while it also deactivates touch sensitivity around the screen’s perimeter, making make for a better user experience in tablet mode.

Detachable tablet with ultrabook slimness

Artefact’s and Intel’s design and engineering teams worked closely with the OEM manufacturer to create a world-class industrial design featuring an industry-leading 17mm slim overall system height and a tablet that is just 10mm thick.


Industry research

Our team delved deep into the notebook space in order to define the scope of a truly innovative experience that delivers on the promise of Intel’s Ultrabook brand and mission.

Point of view

A clear design vision is rooted ultimately in a clear point of view about the product and its place in the context of other solutions.

Concept development

We explored many possible use scenarios, generated a broad range of concepts and explored various possible mechanical interfaces. At the end of this phase, we ultimately focused on the scenarios that yielded a superior user experience.

Design detailing and collaboration

Intel’s and Artefact’s designers and engineers collaborated to finesse the hardware details and user interactions to deliver detailed design specifications, 3D CAD database and SMG specifications to Intel product development teams.