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Impact Efficiency for the Smart Grid

To date, the development of the Smart Grid has focused on benefits for the utility companies; however, the ultimate success of the technology depends on the consumer.

By considering the user’s perspective and improving their experience with smart grid-enabling devices, the much-needed broad adaption could be achieved. Carbon Design Group partnered with Artefact to take a closer look at smart grid enabling devices from the end user perspective.

Impact is a series of design proposals for smart appliances developed by Artefact in partnership with Carbon to help residential consumers improve their energy efficiency by encouraging more responsible choices.

The concepts leverage Smart Grid capabilities like electricity price information and smart appliances. By applying knowledge of design for effective behavioral change, these solutions raise awareness, inform decisions, provide motivation, and provide new capabilities without requiring extra effort.


The impact fridge

A green light bar appears above the fridge door when it’s open, constantly decreasing in its length to symbolize the cold air spreading out.

The impact dishwasher

The green bar on the Impact Dishwasher provides easy to understand contextual information on the resources required at different settings.

The Impact iPhone app

The Impact App delivers in-depth information about consumption that would be overwhelming within the context of the daily interactions of appliances.

The Impact clock

By combining information about energy usage with a clock, energy awareness becomes part of everyday life; day-to-day usages are created over time.