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Fetch TV Making The Set Top Box Fetching

Fetch TV is an Australian founded and owned business that offers wholesale subscription television programming over the Internet. When Fetch TV engaged Artefact to help redesign their set-top-box, we got excited.

The project was an opportunity to rethink the design of one of the most overlooked components of the TV ecosystem, the set-top box itself.What sets Fetch TV apart from other set-top-boxes, which usually end up hidden in cabinets, is its clean, minimal design.

"Fetch TV’s collaboration with Artefact has delivered a set-top-box that’s exceptional in both visual design and function. Together we have set a new standard for hardware design, and the new box has been exceptionally well received by both our ISP partners and Fetch TV subscribers."

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV

"The Fetch TV is amongst the most beautiful set top boxes I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s one of the few set top boxes I’d dare call beautiful at all. But it has a certain monumental quality, a certain subtle sculptural significance, that’s so often lost in the electronics space."

Mark Wilson, Fast Company, October 24, 2013


Simplicity and mystery

Fetch TV features planes that have been pulled apart to create large reveals causing you to wonder what’s inside.

Status lighting

LED indicators in the reveals provide consumers with enough information about the status of their entertainment system.

Ingenious solution to a traditional challenge

The big reveals between the sides of the Fetch TV box act as a natural and effective cooling system without crowding the clean, smooth design.


Point of view

Explored the brand values, queues from the UI, the competition and space, the residential environment, and what the user cares about.


Used the point of view to inform the criteria and process. Chose to remove unnecessary devices to build the simplest box possible. Chose two concepts to develop.


Built mockups to test ventilation, mechanics, connectors, and utility of floating planes. Used previous boxes to understand the electronics needed.


Delivered detailed 3D CAD solution that defined design intent, proposed assembly strategy, demonstrated workability, proposed an out-of-box experience, and addressed additional technical issues.