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Designing Education A Community Platform for Teachers

In the last several years Design Thinking has been widely adopted by organizations, businesses, and even governments, seeking to solve truly difficult problems. By focusing on desired outcomes rather than prescribed solutions, many ideas are explored and evaluated, resulting in rapid and effective innovation. Not only that, focusing on and involving those closest to the problem bring about solutions that are more readily adopted and have lasting results.

Inspired by the possibility of utilizing Design Thinking methods to empower educators, a leading philanthropic organization came to Artefact with the concept of the Redesign Challenge (RDC). Together with a diverse team of partners, we set out to articulate the design vision for RDC as a community platform that helps to accelerate the rate at which innovative ideas, tools and processes take root in real schools and classrooms. The outcome of our joint efforts is a platform and a community where teachers, coaches, and administrators tackle K-12’s toughest challenges. Grounded in the premise that the best ideas for solving problems in education come from educators, it aims to turn innovative ideas into real solutions that can be quickly and easily tried in schools.