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10,000ft Planning Work in the 21st Century

At Artefact, we couldn’t find a tool to manage our workflow and resources, one that incorporated resource planning and painless time tracking in a simple way. So we decided to build one and after conversing with other design consulting teams with similar pain-points we saw an opportunity in the market, thus, 10,000ft was born.

10,000ft is a design-inspired visual resource collaboration tool that allows dynamic organizations and the creative thinkers they employ to get a big-picture view of their business, teams, and projects.

Unlike many other tools, it focuses on big picture planning, which means we don’t litter the tool with endless details and focus on setting the core attributes necessary to set up a project and manage it at a high-level.

When we were designing 10,000ft we included some aspects that promoted autonomy, independence, and a unique ability to make real-time strategic decisions based on complex data, which ultimately leads to more opportunities to innovate.

"To win a war, it helps to have both air power and boots on the ground. As more enterprise social software companies battle over whose product is best for getting work done, a startup called 10,000ft aims to remain above the fray."

David F. Carr, InformationWeek, August 2, 2012

"Where the product shines is as a budgeting tool, constantly accounting the man hours on a project, giving instantaneous projections as to whether or not a project is within its financial bounds."

Mark Wilson, Fast Company, June 19, 2012


A clear, intuitive, flexible interface

A simple, dynamic, and visual interface features drag and drop interactions, visual controls, and requires minimal data entry for easy resourcing, scheduling, and forecasting.

Empowers the creative worker

Personalized information helps individuals make decisions autonomously while remaining accountable to the organization.

Real-time, actionable data

Real-time project statuses show the impact of scope and resource adjustments. Changes are recorded in an activity feed for decentralized decision-making.

Efficient resource planning

Personalized pages for team members display time-per-project. An innovative time-tracking experience requires users to simply confirm time.

Customizable reports and analytics

Instant analytics and reports that can be customized in a few clicks without the need to program formulas.



After finding resource planning tools to be too simple or complex, we identified a core set for our needs, which we developed through paper prototyping.


Interviewed 20 people in various industries to test the value prop. Generated new feature ideas and prioritized them into a baseline architecture. Created Artefact Product Group, a sister company to develop the product.


Over the course of six months, we created and tested the product. We then took it on the road to demonstrate it to similar organizations and to gain feedback.


Twenty organizations beta tested the product. From the findings we refined it for a public release. In the first 24 hours we had 1500 users sign up for the free trial; 100 days later we had 100 paying customers.