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10,000ft Insights Collaborative Innovation for Creative Teams

In a recent PwC innovation survey, seven out of 10 executives agreed that having a well-defined innovation process is key to building an innovation culture. But that is not easy, even for companies like ours, whose bread and butter is design and innovation.

Even we, the experts, find it challenging to organize our inspiration without inadvertently losing ideas. We believe that ideas get stronger when we incorporate input from other disciplines yet we have not found a consistent way to integrate feedback into the design process.

Finally, while we constantly evolve the frameworks and tools that help us make decisions, over time we lose the background that led us on a certain path. Until now.

Today, together with our sister company 10,000ft, we are unveiling 10,000ft Insights, a shared project space for creative teams and organizations.

10,000ft Insights enables easy collecting and sharing of ideas, facilitates timely and relevant feedback, and helps organizations retain knowledge in the ever-faster pursuit of innovation.

We are excited and proud to add it to the 10,000ft portfolio of tools and encourage you to start using it today. To sign up for your free project, visit

“We’ve heard a lot about the importance of design in business, and tools like 10,000ft [Insights]...are manifestations of that new focus.”

Liz Stinson, WIRED, September 24, 2015


Collect and organize ideas and content in a shared space

Easily add, group and comment on files, notes, images, and other project content to create a collaborative space for teams to share insights and perspectives.

Gather input from multiple perspectives

Capture input from people with different areas of expertise. By layering multiple tools on top of each other, you can create a balanced perspective of the problem or challenge and ensure that everyone’s contribution is considered.

Take your ideas further with built-in design thinking tools

Analyze your ideas and content by choosing from a gallery of design thinking tools like feature prioritization, voting, and SWOT analysis.

Drive confident decisions with your clients and stakeholders

Visually synthesize the group’s process and analysis to help stakeholders understand the impact of everyone’s input and evaluate alternative scenarios based on shifting priorities.



The idea for 10,000ft Insights was born from our internal innovation program, Startefact, which generated award-winning concepts like Purple, Dialog, and BrakePack.


Rational Yet Human and Collaborative Autonomy were underlying principles that informed the design direction of key elements such as product building blocks and features like commenting and voting.


Working hand in hand, the design and development team were able to stay true to design intent while optimizing for scalability and performance.

Beta and Beyond!

True to our user-centered design philosophy, we worked with a few select creative organizations to test and refine 10,000ft Insights. Their feedback helped us design and build a faster, better and stronger tool.