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Industry Report: EVIL On The Rise

If you are a camera buff, the holiday season for you starts every year in January, when Las Vegas opens its doors for CES and camera manufacturers gather to show the latest and greatest of their lineups. Concurrently, at the PMA conference, photography experts are getting together to discuss upcoming trends that will shape the industry.

One of the themes that is bound to become a hot conversation topic is the recent success of EVIL cameras (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) and what it means to the industry. Check out our industry report on EVIL cameras below, where we explore the origins of these camera systems and take a look at the opportunities EVIL offer manufacturers, professionals and prosumers. We review the lasting advantages of Single Reflex Cameras, look at opportunities for the photography industry, and conclude with recommendations to manufacturers that will help them master the EVIL opportunity, and give consumers more to look forward to.


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