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Toolkit: Designing for Empathy

At Artefact, increasing the sense of empathy between people is an outcome we always strive towards as designers. It is a key part of our pursuit of 21st Century Design because we believe that more empathy in the world leads to a greater sense of understanding between people, better collaboration and more meaningful products overall.

But, as with any big idea, the questions remain: How do we design for empathy in practice? Is there a process that can help us stay focused on empathy as one of our design goals?

For the past 10 months, we’ve been investigating this at Artefact. We’ve brainstormed, we’ve tested, and we’ve involved a group of talented designers and researchers at this year’s EPIC conference to help us make designing for empathy a tangible part of the design process. This iterative process armed us with useful insights that inspired us to create a practical toolkit called Designing for Empathy. It is designed to help you apply the lens of empathy as you work from an abstract idea to the design of the final product. While it may only scratch the surface of how deep and involved our understanding for each other can be, the toolkit gives you a concrete path to ensure your design vision is built on empathy for a greater positive impact.

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