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Artefact POV: The Case for Open Government

Six months ago, Civic IQ was an idea and an ambition to apply 21st Century Design principles to some of the toughest problems we face. What if we could channel people’s creativity and problem-solving skills, and take advantage of the power of diversity to come up with practical solutions to the challenges that have stalled our leaders? Since the beginning of the year, we have been working to flesh the idea out, build the theoretical foundation for the platform and, with funding, begin to design and develop a new way for citizens and government to interact.

While some welcomed the idea, we also encountered skepticism that Civic IQ is too ambitious. We are not oblivious to the challenges we will face. At the same time, we firmly believe that big problems require big thinking and our goal is to try and tackle what looks unchangeable. Will we succeed? We believe that there is a real need for change, that the timing is right and that we, at Artefact, have the expertise to build a platform that makes better citizens, generates smarter ideas and strengthens democracy.

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