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Artefact POV: Re-thinking Printing

While many factors point towards a very drastic decline in printed documents, the advantages of paper suggest that the printer will not disappear just yet. Based on our POV we developed a range of concepts showing where we think consumer printing could be going.

Since the introduction of the personal computer, we’ve envisioned “going paperless.” Yet digital solutions seem to have increased the usage of paper at work and at home, rather than the reverse. It appears that paper consumption has peaked but we think it’ll still take a long time until printing and scanning will permanently disappear from our daily lives.

New printers are being introduced on a regular basis, and their manufacturers highlight the improvements and new features with every release, yet the core interactions have remained the same over the last 25 years. In our experience, people rarely complain about a lack of features. Instead, most consumer frustration comes from trying to accomplish basic printing tasks.

The combination of a stagnant market and the frustration we ourselves have experienced with printers led us to believe there was an opportunity for improvement, and a challenge we decided to take on with our concept printer, SWYP. Check out the full report for our in-depth point of view on the state of printing and opportunities we see for the future of the industry.

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