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UX Design

Tucker Spofford

Tucker is a jack of all trades designer who likes design thinking but prefers design doing. Always up for a new challenge or a unique problem to solve, Tucker has cut his teeth at Artefact from intern to project leader, building dozens of kick-ass experiences and products along the way.

Focusing on simplicity and human needs, he studied industrial design at Western Washington University before transitioning to user experience design in order to have a more hands-on role in the creation of technology products from beginning to end.

Throughout his time at Artefact, he has built many amazing and award-winning products across the consumer electronic, medical and entertainment fields. His accomplishments include winning a $50,000 prize in the Samsung TV Challenge competition for the Armchair Astronaut 3D app, a Braun Prize for his work on SWYP and several IDEA and IDSA awards. Most recently Tucker created BrakePack, a smart backpack for urban cyclists.

Continuing the theme of design doing, Tucker is constantly building and creating in his free time, from custom sewn messenger bags to CNC’d Raspberry Pi powered boom boxes to overclocked and fully automatic nerf guns, there’s nothing he won’t try to build in his downtown laboratory that he shares with his wife and Great Dane.