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Software Engineering

Tom Dabson

From building cathedrals with wooden blocks to creating cities out of Legos, the idea of taking a concept and making it a reality has always been Tom’s passion. Growing up in England, Tom always dreamed of being an architect, but after graduating with a degree in Architecture, he found that he could translate his passion for building to the software development field in even more fulfilling ways. Turns out, his formative years of loading up games on his dad’s old PC had actually planted the seeds of a tech career.

After spending nearly 10 years helping take over the digital recipes world, Tom is now Artefact’s Director of Engineering. His role is to ensure the high quality of our technology solutions matches the quality of our designs.

Tom loves the challenge of taking nebulous requirements and building something that can truly make someone’s life, on whatever scale, just a little bit better. He believes that digital experiences should be fast, smooth and reliable, regardless of where a person is or what platform they are on.
When not thinking of ways to streamline the development process, Tom spends his time with his kids, playing ‘proper’ football and working on his never-ending list of home projects.