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UX Design

Sheryl Cababa

With one foot planted in design research and strategy, and another in interaction design, Sheryl is a multi-disciplinary design director with the unique ability to see both the forest as well as the trees.

Prior to joining Artefact, she worked at consultancies like frog and Adaptive Path, as well as technology companies like Philips and Microsoft. She has experience leading projects for clients across industries from personal finance to robotic surgery systems. With her design weapon of choice (the Paper Mate Flair) handy at all times, she has also helped other designers spark their creativity by leading workshops in sketching, interaction design, and design research methods.

Sheryl spends as much free time as possible traveling with her kids and tooling around Seattle on her old Dutch bike (which she acquired during a 10-year stint in The Netherlands). She also loves to cook and experiments with everything from inventing macaron flavors to perfecting barbecue marinades. Above all, she will always accept an invitation to watch old kung fu movies.