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Industrial Design

Shaun Choi

Shaun grew up in Asia and Europe, eventually studying transportation design and automotive UI at Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea. He has extensive knowledge in taking products from design strategies to mass production, and high-end products to cost-conscious ones. He is passionate about the entire design process; from design strategy to supplier visits, Shaun enjoys creating products from the ground up.

Before he joined Artefact, Shaun worked mainly with AV products (as in Audio/Visual, not Adult Video) such as cameras, video cameras and audio recording devices. He is often resourceful with his designs, incorporating new manufacturing techniques and creating well-designed products on a limited budget. His work has won him several design awards from organizations like Red Dot, IF, CES and Good Design.

As an industrial designer at Artefact, Shaun will bring his holistic understanding of mass market design strategy, helping to design products to scale for larger user bases. Shaun is an expert at designing for people and businesses across cultures and markets.

When he is not designing, Shaun spends his time building models, playing with remote control cars, boats, helicopters and mini submarines (in his saltwater aquarium), or repairing his project car.