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Software Engineering

Sam Baker

Sam is our go-to developer for pretty much everything. As a generalist developer, with a college background in Artificial Intelligence and a professional background in the videogame industry, he’s found his ideal job working with our creative minds, and developing out-of-the-box engineering solutions.  He is proficient in JavaScript/web, objective C, Java, C/C++, Flash, PHP, node.js and Ruby on Rails. Lately, he’s spending more and more time building web apps and services with angular, node and CouchDB.  We also just found out that he is proficient with the trombone. We’re excited that he has yet another skill for us to utilize.

British-born and raised, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computing from University of Leeds, England. He got into the gaming world early on, developing console, PC and online games. He has shipped titles for Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 64, Xbox, Facebook and the web.

His other interests are as diverse as his knowledge of programming and include reading, Mariners baseball, socialism, traveling with his family, and playing trombone. One day he hopes to form a New Orleans brass band, where he will become as integral to it as he has become to us.