UX Design

Sabella Flagg

At Girl Scouts sleep-away camp Sabella was asked to tell a bedtime story, and she told one so scary that one of the older girls actually cried. This is something she’s been doing her entire life — not making little girls cry, no — but storytelling. After graduating from Drake University, she quickly found herself gravitating towards the complex challenges of interaction design and used her background in development, art and product design to contribute in myriad ways on projects large and small, across many industries. She believes design is a great tool for storytelling while solving problems in creative and engaging ways. 

Sabella is originally from the very flat city of Chicago. While it will take her some time to get used to Seattle’s many hills, she is now happy to be nestled in amongst the mountains of the Northwest. In her free time, she enjoys growing her collection of graphic novels, playing boardgames and anything in the horror genre. She can be found talking to people about her time spent living in China or thinking of destinations for future travel adventures.