UX Design

Paul Hoover

Paul Hoover is on a mission: Live on the cutting edge of technology and try to steer human-computer interaction toward a preferred future. His focus right now is dreaming up mixed reality solutions that connect people and improve their lives, rather than becoming just the latest “cool” technology.

After exploring gestural interaction and working with Artefact client Intuitive Surgical on minimally invasive surgical robots, Paul pitched the idea for a VR ideation tool similar to Invision or PowerPoint, but in VR. Artefact got behind him and together, the team created what is now Storyboard VR.

Back in 2005, before Paul worked at Artefact and before the iPhone or iPad existed, he worked on pen computing in the Tablet PC group at Microsoft. There he learned interaction design through prototyping and creating pen interfaces for Windows. Next, he tackled multi-user interaction on the original Surface.

Paul fills the rest of his time hanging out with his family and teaching art and creative problem solving to the kids at his local elementary school.