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UX Design

Patrick Mankins

What if programming were spatial rather than logical? Would smart systems be easier to use if they focused less on IQ and more on emotional intelligence? What would someone who had never seen a computer create if they were given the technology to design anything?

These are the kinds of questions Patrick often wonders about. After building his first truss at age two, Patrick started down lifelong path of making things, taking things apart, and sometimes even getting them back together. His fascination with how things work quickly turned into an obsession with making them better, blending technology and human motivations to create meaningful products.

Before joining Artefact, Patrick studied industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design and interned at various places including NASA’s Habitability Design Center and Tellart. After graduating, he joined IBM Design as one of the first wave of designers to help get the new studio off the ground, and spent his time exploring interactions with cognitive computing systems and improving cyber security tools.

At Artefact, Patrick is working on projects related to virtual collaboration, defining the Internet of Things, and making complex technology accessible for as many people as possible. He is happiest when he has just figured out a beautiful solution to a tough problem or learned something that changes how he sees the world. Though he’s relatively new to Seattle, Patrick isn’t one to complain about the rain. He also enjoys walking through downtown, which gives him a chance to stop and admire the successive layers of history in Seattle’s architecture.