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Nikki Pfarr

Nikki is a brianiac. She is our resident expert in behavioral economics and reads about decision-making, incentives, motivational theory, and all-things-human-behavior, in her spare time. Seriously.

She has spent several years exploring the intersection of behavioral economics and design, uncovering strategies that designers can use to improve decision making and facilitate positive behavior change. Her work in this space has led to many invited talks and keynotes for organizations like IxDA, the Economist, and the University of Washington.

In addition to discovering useful tools, Nikki likes to create them. She authored our Behavior Change Strategy Cards that help designers identify opportunities for innovation while changing behavior in positive ways. From her thoughtful qualitative research to her work understanding how trends are impacting our world, she’s supported innovation centers in companies like Samsung, Group Health, and Microsoft.

Nikki loves rolling up her sleeves and geeking out when she encounters new challenges, and feels at home amongst all things nerdy – as her background attests. She began her career at Google, where she designed their experimental and custom search engine experiences. She holds a Master of Design from the Institute of Design, and a Bachelor of Science from MIT, where she conducted undergraduate research in the MIT Media Lab.