Nicole Cooper

Nicole is always thinking about the perfect soundtrack for whatever moment she is in. Fishing: Beach Boys. Riding a bike: Bjork. Pulling an all-nighter to solve a tough design problem: Murder City Devils.

As a visual designer, Nicole has pulled a lot of all-nighters (and, consequently, listened to a lot of Murder City Devils). She has worked across an array of industries, designing for the fashion, education, journalism, finance, entertainment and technology sectors. Prior to joining Artefact, Nicole lived in New York, which she credits with introducing her to her love of motion design and visual storytelling.

At Artefact, Nicole continues to push herself as a visual design leader to deliver creative, innovative and beautifully designed digital experiences. 

Outside of the office she is typically with her dog, Tidbit, hanging out at the water, grilling with friends or working on her side art project based purely around chicken.

Nicole's work