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Nicole Colbert

Nicole is a self-proclaimed nerd-of-all-trades. She built her first computer when she was nine and has since torn apart many more and put (most of) them back together. As a teen, Nicole spent her summers repairing computers and learning skills that would come in handy a few years later in college as a student technician and now in her career as an IT professional. Prior to joining Artefact, Nicole worked as a helpdesk technician for POP Agency in Seattle.

But Nicole is much more than a computer whiz. While studying Computer Science at Southern Oregon University, she also minored in cultural anthropology and has five years of Japanese under her belt. She loves adventure and travel, having backpacked through Japan, Europe, and Hong Kong. These days you can find her hanging out with her dog, Zooey, hiking, bouldering, snowboarding, geeking out at comic book and video game conventions or gaming.