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UX Design

Mei Hsieh

There’s something special about coq au vin on a rainy Seattle day.  It takes time, it takes wine, there’s butter involved, and it’s best shared amongst friends. Mei loves the parallels between serving a memorable meal amongst good company and developing a meaningful solution for a user. Both require a vision, an attention to detail and must always accommodate the human touch (or in this case taste).

Mei believes that the most impactful solutions to complex problems combine sustainable systems, effective services, and thoughtful experiences. She is particularly excited to work on projects at Artefact that will challenge her to become a better global citizen, storyteller, and risk-taker.

Prior to joining the team, Mei worked on consumer goods, medical products, and improved service experiences in transportation and healthcare.  She continues to have a focused interest in improving future health and social services. When not in the studio, Mei can be found rocking out to Janelle Monae, embarking on culinary adventures (cooking… but mostly eating), and curating her ever-growing Internet collection of cute sloths and/or corgis (video and picture submissions welcome!).

Mei graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design.