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UX Design

Mei Hsieh

Mei Hsieh is a UX designer who believes the most impactful solutions to complex problems combine sustainable systems, effective services, and thoughtful experiences. While earning her industrial design degree at the University of Cincinnati, her experience in the medical industry and hands-on philanthropic service work in Guatemala sparked her passion for designing for social change.

As a project lead at Artefact, Mei applies her altruism every day by designing and challenging clients to create valuable consumer products, more effective medical products, and better service experiences. Whether she’s designing an interface for the operating room or for a digital resilience tool for people with serious illnesses, she is proud to work with clients like Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dr. Reddy’s, and Intuitive Surgical to develop meaningful solutions for their users.

When not in the studio, Mei can be found coaching future STEM mini-makers at Techbridge, Lego League, or Mini Maker Faire; trying out a new recipe in the kitchen; or training her dream corgi, Pico.