Industrial Design

Markus Wierzoch

An inspired and inspiring design leader, Markus Wierzoch believes that in the postindustrial world we live in, the role of industrial design is to connect the physical and the digital in rich, context-relevant experiences. It is this framework that helps him shape the products, experiences, and strategies that have garnered more than 20 international design awards.

Markus leads Artefact’s industrial design practice and directs multidisciplinary design teams through the development of products, experiences, and strategies in the fields of consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial products, and the automotive industry.

He started his career in Germany and holds a diploma in industrial design from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Between 2001 and 2008, he worked in Taiwan, where he guided more than 50 design projects from concept stage to mass manufacturing, spearheaded strategic projects, and led ASUS’ design department for contract manufacturing. He also worked at Carbon Design in Seattle.

Markus enjoys both the outdoors and modern day urban life, adores classic Porsches and well-designed bicycles, likes basketball, soccer, and has yet to decide what he loves more—photography or just cameras.