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Jonathon McTaggart

As a kid, Jonathon became fascinated with computers, seeing them as complex puzzles that could do amazing things (once he figured out how to control them). He broke the family computer when he was 9 years old, and subsequently learned to fix it within the next year. This fascination grew to devotion once he discovered how to get 3D games to work on computers, and by 12 he had built his first gaming rig. His career began with fixing the computers of friends and family and since then he has held a wide range of jobs in IT across the banking, electronics, health care, automotive and design industries.

At Artefact, his willingness to help with any IT issue from the classic, “have you tried turning it off and on again,” to securing our network, makes it safe to say we wouldn’t get far without him. While he enjoys providing all of us relief when he fixes our computer issues, his true IT drug is rooted in the deep analysis of complex problems and the development and implementation of solutions to resolve them.

When he’s not fixing computers and defending our IT universe, Jonathon is probably playing some kind of game (computer, console, board, card, mind, doesn’t matter), hiking, reading comic books or singing karaoke. ​