Software Engineering

Evan Chaney

After considering several career paths including cowboy, train conductor, sailboat captain, paramedic, firefighter, communications specialist, journalist, industrial designer and even some kind of business person, Evan Chaney ultimately decided to become a software developer.

Evan is happiest when he is lost in thought exploring ideas; particularly the nature of why something works the way it does. This line of thinking (though typically not a line at all, more of a zigzag of thoughts and ideas), leads to new ideas about tools or systems he could build that might help that something out.

After resisting computer science all throughout college, Evan ended up spending his free time building web applications just for fun. While he was working at the Apple Store, Evan’s desire to understand and improve tools and systems bled into his day job, where he began creating little apps to make employees’ work easier. Not long after, Evan moved to California and those little apps for the local Apple store turned into big apps used across the globe.

At Artefact, Evan will continue to design and build cross-platform applications for clients across industries. Exploration and analysis are his passion. Software is his medium. He aspires to be a master craftsman of both.