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Visual Design

Craig Erickson

Craig is an aesthetically minded designer and director who equally enjoys both production processes and conceptual visualization. He is a practicing director who pushes pixels alongside team members to create beautiful and thoughtful designs. His extensive experience spans large corporate environments and small start-ups including data visualization, product UX, typography, games, advertising, and identity.

Prior to joining Artefact, Craig was Co-founder and Creative Director of award-winning design and development studio SectionSeven where he strove to produce a culture founded on creativity and craft while focusing on the collaborative efforts of design and development. He brings talent and experience in both the technical and creative disciplines with an emphasis on designs that can be made both real-to-market and high quality.

Here at Artefact, he’s been instrumental in the design of award-winning product concepts: from the connected home of the future to patient-centered decision tools for physicians. His work has been awarded, published, and recognized many times over.