Carolyn Yip

Notable Clients: Samsung, Mozilla

Skills + Interest Areas: UX design, visual design, design strategy, brand + storytelling, inclusive design

Favorite design resources: Design for Diversity Guide by Project Inkblot, Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to build the worlds we need by Sasha Costanza-Chock

As a hybrid UX and Visual designer, Carolyn is passionate about leveraging responsible design to build more inclusive, equitable and sustainable futures. With an additional background in brand, video/motion, and innovation, she possesses a rapid prototyping mindset and an affinity towards envisioning possible futures. In her practice she strives to design with diverse voices and perspectives to arrive at compelling digital experiences.

Prior to Artefact, Carolyn worked with a variety of organizations from social enterprises, start-ups to IOT tech. She holds a BA in Interactive Arts and Technology, with a concentration in Design, from Simon Fraser University.

Outside of work, you might find Carolyn crafting, volunteering, or venturing into new hobbies, her most recent endeavor, bouldering.