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UX Design

Brad Crane

Brad spent his formative years training as an electrical engineer and memorizing the cadence of MCs from the golden-age of rap. In the ‘90s he even secretly dismantled his parents’ television, hardwiring a tape player so he could record the audio from his beloved hip-hop programs.

Armed with a sense of logic and poetry, he spent a decade making digital systems and products with folks like Harley Davidson and General Dynamics. After formally training as an architect and several years as a Design Lead at IDEO, he is now an associate design director at Artefact.

His diverse background has enabled him to create and teach design throughout the country. Most recently, he co-created and taught Designing Things for Humans, a course on HCD at the Harvard Graduate School of Design with Ari Adler.

An outspoken introvert, Brad is obsessed with the value of the human experience in our digital-physical lives. He is inspired by the constructor Jean Prouve, growing up in Kansas, and the eternal optimism of his wife and four kiddos.