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Software Engineering

Austin Happel

As someone who likes to get out and explore the outdoors as much as he likes to explore his inner creativity, Austin started out as a graphic designer and photojournalist, equally as passionate about capturing the perfect moment on camera as he was about creating art.

On the flip side, he’s also a self-described “computer nerd,” whose addiction to twitchy FPS games led him to realize that computer hardware and software are malleable things that can be hacked, exploited, and remixed into something very different. As someone who loves to create, the world of software development opened a whole new range of possibilities for this tinkerer.

In another life, Austin was a web designer, but he quickly found himself drawn more to actually building the software that supported his designs. The more he learned as a developer, the more he preferred the programming over designing, which he’s been doing ever since. As a web developer at Artefact, he finds that writing code isn’t much different than designing – both require creative and strategic thought, involve problem solving, and inevitably are expressions of their authors.

As his photo suggests, Austin’s a fan of all games (computer and board). If he isn’t trying out the latest web technology or soldering together some new homebrew gadget, you can probably find him, beer in hand, playing board games with friends, hiking, taking photos, playing his trumpet for a local community band or watching sci-fi movies (really, what doesn’t he do?).