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Software Engineering

Andrew Jacobs

Andrew is an interactive developer who is passionate about new media, JavaScript, and windsurfing. At Artefact, Andrew builds innovative solutions that complement the team’ brilliant designs.

Building games and demos drew Andrew into the digital realm at an early age.  Andrew began his career as a teenager, developing apps to connect the aging broadcasting industry to new devices and social media platforms. He grew from being paid in red vines to being a top developer, but he always maintained his affectionate moniker, “paperboy” (his former job).  Now, fifteen years later, the paperboy has built a solid portfolio of work across many digital disciplines and  languages, excelling in writing sophisticated, simply beautiful code.

When he can be torn from his technology, you’ll find him out sailing in the Puget Sound, capturing adventures and late-night parties for his photo zines, or you won’t find him at all. He will be on a cycling adventure into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.