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IxDA Interaction16

Measuring Design Maturity: an Imperative and an Opportunity

The value of measuring organizational capabilities and their maturity level has a long and well-established history. In software development, capability maturity models (CMMs) have helped organizations successfully assess strengths and weaknesses in order to prioritize investments for maximum impact. Work done by organizations like the Design Management Institute has already defined a design value index. However, in order to make the insights from the design value index actionable, we need to establish the standards and tools to help leaders understand how their organization functions and above all, how to increase the level of design maturity. In this session, targeted at design executives as well as design practitioners, Rob will explore five essential categories that shape the design maturity of the organization: empathy, mastery, character, performance and impact. He will lead participants into a conversation about specific action angles that can become the starting point to ignite the organizational development process and share results from the Artefact Design Maturity Survey, which would be piloted in the Fall of 2015.

Passengerhood: On the Road to Autonomy

The technology for autonomous vehicles is here. And yet, the evolution of autonomous “driving” over the next decade will be marked by a series of interim steps that betray a complex transition that begins with establishing trust in the technology, followed by effectively managing the nuanced experience of partial autonomy. In this session, John Rousseau will argue that the way to solve it is not through creating the perfect autonomous vision, but through human-centered design and interaction models that gradually propel us toward full autonomy and passengerhood.