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The Artefact Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

While Fitbits and Fuelbands have dominated the holidays in past years, we’re looking beyond the typical wearable for our 2015 fitness gift guide. An active bunch over here are Artefact, we got together to hand pick the best in fitness gear, from sustainable clothing to power-generating toys. You may not be ready for this now, but after you down all that egg nog and start looking at your New Year’s resolutions, you will be.

Uncharted Play SOCCKET and PULSE – $99.00-$180.00

Uncharted Play is on a mission to power the world with motion. The company has created two power-generating toys, a soccer ball called the SOCCKET and a jump rope called the PULSE. Each toy is charged by play: one hour of play is equal to up to three hours of energy, so you can use them to power your laptop, cell phone, etc. It’s kind of like the idea of riding a stationary bike to power your Netflix binge. But it gets even better, Uncharted Play has taken the Tom’s approach, giving away one energy-generating toy for each one purchased. Each toy is also accompanied by Uncharted Play’s Think Out of Bounds Curriculum, a five-part course that uses their products to teach about STEM and other critical problem-solving skills. Your socially-conscious cardio-loving friends will love the equipment almost as much as the mission behind it.

Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel – $68.00

Every yogi knows you can never have enough yoga towels and yogitoes are the. best. Their skidless silicone nubs keep the soggiest towel anchored to the mat and they come in quite the rainbow of colors and patterns. What’s more, each yogitoes towel is actually made from discarded and recycled plastic bottles, woven into the fabric, preventing those bottles from hitting our landfills and oceans. There’s also a super absorbent blend, with a double-knit fabric for those extra hot, hot yoga sessions.

TRX Home Gym – $159.99

The TRX system has set the standard for lightweight, travel-friendly, fitness gear that can still kick your ass. Their suspension system can easily anchor to any door and uses your own body weight against you so you can build muscle. The system’s design makes it a versatile and lightweight workout system that any on-the-go fitness buff can throw in their bag.

Monkii Bars – $199.99

If you’ve got someone a little more intense in mind, Monkii Bars might be your next best bet. Again, lightweight and beautifully designed, Monkii Bars are a self-contained, ultra-portable bodyweight training device. Sleek, but powerful, Monkii Bars are a highly functional kit meant to get users outside to train in a more natural environment. Our favorite part? No ugly weight rack to deal with.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball – $199.99

Welcome to the next wave of smart gym equipment: 94Fifty has created a smart basketball that gives players data and feedback on their performance. The ball will help you take your game to the next level with real-time audio and visual coaching feedback for ball-handling and dribbling skills. You can also add in the 94Fifty’s SmartNet, a net for any rim that pairs with the basketball to track shot accuracy. Much more niche that an all-purpose fitness wearable, this is a gift for the diehard baller.

Nike Air Max Thea Premium – $115

These shoes are what we call, highly instagrammable. Nike’s Air Max Thea Premiums are the ultimate in comfort and minimalist appeal with a hint of leather goodness. Equipped with premium lightweight cushioning (they are Air Maxes, after all) and a sleek, low-cut profile, these kicks are comfortable, yet understated; the perfect jogger or everyday trainer for your sporty, yet stylish friends.

Athos Shirt – $199.00

Our fitness wearable pick this year goes to the Athos shirt, a smart workout shirt with 14 built-in sensors that measure your heart rate and tell you how hard your muscles are working in real-time. Built by fitness experts, the shirts themselves are made of high-performance compression material to reduce fatigue and soreness but are still breathable and sweat-wicking to reduce moisture. Athos apparel is a must for your tech savvy gym buddies.

WOO Kiteboarding Performance Tracker – $199.99

For the competitive kiteboarder in the family, the WOO Kiteboarding Performance Tracker is almost as much fun the play with as it is to say. This little sensor is awesome: clip it onto your board and go for a ride and the WOO will track every jump you make out on the open water. Thanks to a few accelerometers and some clever development, the WOO tracks jump height, airtime and a few other (less important) statistics about your ride. Finally, WOO can answer the essential question: “How high was that?!”

Alternative Apparel Gift Card – $$$

When you just don’t know what to get, it never hurts to grab a gift card for some socially conscious athletic apparel. Alternative Apparel, a certified Green Business, recently released their Move collection, full of modern activewear basics that look great and aren’t as harsh on the environment.

Another option is prAna, the first major apparel company in North America to offer Fair Trade Certified clothing styles. prAna uses recycled materials wherever possible to cut down on processing required for new fibers. Both companies are committed to mitigating the impact they have on the environment, so you know your clothing is working just as hard as you are.

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