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The Artefact Holiday Gift Guide: Audiophiles

Everybody knows an audiophile: the hip-hop head, the part-time DJ, the speaker snob, the concert fanatic and on and on. We grabbed our most music-minded designers and got a hand-picked list of the best gifts for the music fanatics in your life.

Blumenstein Audio’s Marlin 3” Loudspeaker – $600.00/pair

These speakers are for the audio purist. Inspired by ecologically-minded Scandanavian furniture design, Blumenstein creates speakers that are elegant and simple, free of extraneous components, so what’s left is a pure and undiluted audio signal. The perfect marriage of technology and industrial design is a result of years of combined experience building stereo systems and custom woodworking. Sustainably sourced from local wood, these speakers will last a lifetime.

The Pitchfork Review – $50.00/year

Chances are your audiophile giftee is relatively familiar with Pitchfork, arguably the most influential brand in online independent music. In 2014, Pitchfork went physical with The Pitchfork Review, a quarterly print magazine dedicated to long-form music writing, photography, and creativity essential to the industry. TPR is a collection of articles on new acts as well as catalog artists, with stories on artists ranging from Otis Redding to Sufjan Stevens. Printed on high-quality cardstock, with a focus on photography and illustrations, TPR is an essential addition to the serious music fan’s coffee table or bookshelf.

The Record Store Book – $29.95

The Record Store Book wants to take music fans back to our roots by taking us inside the unique stories of 50 LA record stores. Shot exclusively on film, the book is filled with the same kind of rich character central to the experience of being in a record store. The book features in-depth interviews with owners and local characters, examining the unique cultures built on music discovery and community, chronicling a part of music history in a way that we can hold in our hands. Your vinyl-loving record collectors won’t be able to put it down.

The Rap Year Book – $11.37

Finally, a yearbook that won’t embarrass you. With its incredible illustrations, lyric maps, infographics and hilariously informative writing, The Rap Year Book was a clear office favorite for hip-hop heads. Starting in 1979, the book takes the form of a high school yearbook, deconstructing the most important rap song year by year with each song represented in a photo. As one of the most engaging in-depth looks at the history of hip-hop, it’s a yearbook you won’t mind cracking open with friends.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator – $59.99

Can I mix mad beats with this? Yes.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the mix master on your list, Teenage Engineering has you covered with three calculator-sized digital synths. Created as an ode to Nintendo, the synths have been stripped of anything that doesn’t have to do with making sound, leaving you with an old-school piece of tech that creates new wave beats. The three Pocket Operators (drum, bass, and melody) connect together to create a full range of sounds at your fingertips. The best part? Pocket Operators are dead simple and fun to use right out of the package: if you can text, you can mix.

Needlepoint rap lyrics – $20.00

Well, these were a bit of a surprise addition to the list. Ultimately, we couldn’t look away from the adorable juxtaposition of DMX and needlepoint. It’s kind of like seeing your grandma in a rap video, right? With eight different options, rap enthusiasts all over can finally decorate with grandma’s approval.

Lost in the Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook – $16.78

Discerning indie rock fans will immediately notice that this cookbook is in fact named for the 1979 hit by The Clash. A creative collection of recipes from indie notables like Animal Collective, Belle and Sebastian, and Sonic Youth, this book explores the connection between food and music. Fortunately the authors have great taste in both music and food, churning out a funny and unique selection of recipes that will make you feel more connected to your favorite bands.

JUKELY Unlimited Subscription – $25.00/month

Subscription models are everywhere and fortunately for us, Jukely has found a way to bring that model to the live music sector. Sometimes described as Netflix for concerts, a Jukely Unlimited subscription gets you access to hundreds of concerts, parties, and DJ sets every month for a flat fee of $25.00. While you won’t be seeing tickets for Beyoncé or Taylor Swift (it is only $25, after all), Jukely is an awesome way to get out and explore more local venues or make spur of the moment plans on a Friday night.

**Bonus Stocking Stuffers

Dr. Dredel Card – $3.95

While we all wait for the Dr. Dreidel to become a real thing, this card is a pretty amazing substitute.

Merry Kanye to You Card – $5.50

No one loves Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. Show your intense love for your favorite person on Earth with a Merry Kanye card.


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