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The Artefact Holiday Gift Guide: Adventure

Based in the Pacific Northwest, we’re fortunate enough to be located in one of the most beautiful places in the world with more nature than you can shake a stick at. We’re surrounded by mountains, lakes, the Pacific Ocean, forests, and islands — all just waiting to be explored. Naturally, we have quite a few outdoorsy designers, who have curated a list full of creative items for the adventurer in your life.

Enamel Cups – $32 for a set of Two

NYC-based Best Made Co. has created the highest quality enamel steel cups on the market today. The cups are manufactured using WWII-era machinery with enamel baked directly to the cup. What makes them special, however, is the double-dipped enamel baked onto the rim and handle (the areas with the most wear and tear) to ensure a long-lasting and durable product. Great for camping or any other adventure as they can be put directly on the fire to boil water, the cups are also stylish enough to set out in your kitchen at home.

The Outsiders – $60

As more and more people turn to the outdoors for inspiration, Gestalten has sought to showcase the passions of this emerging creative scene. The Outsiders is a book that captures the mindset of lifestyle entrepreneurs (particularly in the Pacific Northwest) with interviews, original products, brands, and ideas. Even when you can’t get away, this beautiful imagery in this book will make you feel like you’ve fallen off the grid.

Juniper Ridge Scents – $12+

If you’ve ever been camping or on a long hike and wished you could bottle up the scent of the wild outdoors, Juniper Ridge is here to help you out. Based out of California, the employees formulate what they call Wilderness Perfume by heading out on the open trail and distilling and extracting fragrances from the wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings harvested on the trail. Perfect for reminiscing over your last adventure, Juniper Ridge scents are (literally) a breath of fresh air.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album – $119+

As tech-obsessed designers, even we have to admit that there’s just something about seeing a photo printed in a book that you can’t replicate digitally. Remember your adventures forever with one of the most visually appealing photo albums around. The layflat photo album from Artifact Uprising is engineered for easy browsing, using traditional binding techniques and extra-thick paper for a beautiful and timeless display. Put together a small book from your latest adventure, or make it a tradition with a new book chronicling each passing year, either way you’ll score major points with this thoughtful gift.

TRED Pro – $199

If you’re headed somewhere that Google Maps has yet to chart, you may find yourself needing a set of these babies. The TRED Pro extraction device is built to help shovel dirt, sand, and snow out of the way, then act as bridges for you to drive out on. These come in handy, particularly when there’s no winch, friend or tree nearby to help out. Designed, built, and tested in Australia (and really, where else would you want to buy off-roading gear from?), these are available on Kickstarter right now. A few of our designers have already backed the campaign and can’t wait to test them out this Spring.

The Shiftpod – $895

As a design consultancy, we’ve got more than one Burner in our ranks. The Shiftpod was designed specifically for the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert and comes highly recommended for when you’re going camping in all manner of harsh climates. The tent is heat-reflective and insulated, so the blinding sun doesn’t wake you up and you stay warm all night long. You can also easily hook up an air conditioner, and it’s so simple to set up that even the most inebriated individual can put it together. Who’s ready for Burning Man 2016? You are.

Cook Partner Two Burner Stove – $280

Partner Steel from Pocatello, Idaho, is known for building indestructible utilitarian stoves for true expedition campers in the Overlanding community. The two-burner stove is made from aluminum and brass so it will never rust, and the burners are easy to adjust from So-Hot-The-Rack-Is-Glowing to Just-Warm-Enough-To-Golden-The-Pancakes. This is one of those purchases that seems expensive up front, but will never cause you buyer’s remorse – kind of like buying a pair of White’s Boots, a Fluke Multimeter, or a Festool anything.

Bonus Stocking Stuffers – $19 to $40

But wait, there’s more! Artefact’s adventurous designers have also curated a list of great stocking stuffers. There’s an all-purpose hobo knife, the perfect survival kit, some mind-blowingly functional gear ties, and even a solar assist charger.


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