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SxSW 2017: Vote for Our (Suggested) Contributions

From innovations in health and education to the future of design in an augmented world, our SxSW ideas reflect our latest thinking on the issues that are shaping our industry, our thinking and our world. Check out our proposals and if you agree that these topics are urgent and demand deeper exploration, cast your vote!

  • Data, Devices, Design: Innovations in Healthcare. In this session, we will discuss how sensors, connected consumer, drug delivery and medical devices, and patients’ growing willingness to share relevant healthcare information open up an unprecedented opportunity for innovation in healthcare. Our co-founder, Gavin Kelly, will be joined by Param Venkataraman, director of the Design and Innovation Centre at international pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s.
  • Beyond the Self: Digital Communities for Collective CulturesHow do you design digital communities that foster leadership, in “we-based” cultures where individual identity flows from the collective? In this session, Masuma Henry and Bethany Weigele, Director of Lifelong Learning Initiatives at Arizona State University, will outline a framework for designing communities for collective cultures. They will share lessons learned during an ongoing collaboration designing a community for international scholars.
  • Innovation with Impact: Outcome Focused Design. Outcome focused thinking has permeated Artefact’s thinking and work since the very beginning. In this session, Rob Girling will argue that in today’s rapidly changing interconnected world, as we embrace exciting new tech like AI and virtual reality, outcome focused design is an imperative for all innovators. He will outline a unique methodology that allows designers and entrepreneurs to steer innovation towards a preferable outcome for individuals, businesses and society.
  • Smart Innovation for Dumb Companies. By 2027, 75 percent of the S&P 500 firms will be replaced by new firms. This is what digital disruption looks like, and the companies with the most to lose are those in traditional industries like consumer goods and B2B. In this session, John Rousseau will argue that in order to adapt to a changing and uncertain environment created by technologies like AI, machine learning, sensing, and mixed reality, businesses must adopt an experience design mindset.
  • Voyeur to Vatican: Divine Health Interventions. Provocatively titled, this talk by our researcher Felix Chang, will outline the opportunities technologies like big data and AR/VR  provide to incite positive health behavior and decision-making. He will address risks and challenges like cyber security and privacy, and provide guidelines for designing technology based interventions that are fiscally viable and improve health outcomes.
  • Designing for Mixed Reality: Focus and Context. Drawing on our experience of designing robotic surgery controls, interactions between Mixed Reality users and non-users, and meditation coaching, UX designer Patrick Mankins, and MIT graduate student Sophia Yang will discuss challenges and approaches to designing for Mixed Reality. 

We hope to see you in Austin in March 2017!