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Introducing Artefact Dev Talk on Medium

This post is the first in a new publication on Medium called Artefact Dev Talk. Pop over and follow us for future updates!

Engineering at Artefact is a varied experience. As consultants, we do plenty of client-oriented software development: building new websites and digital experiences, creating mobile apps, adding features to existing software, helping to improve process and workflow, and building prototypes for our clients’ great ideas. We’ve also created solutions to our internal barriers to collaboration under our sister company, 10,000ft. As the engineering arm of a company that also offers user experience design, interaction design, industrial design, product strategy and a host of other services, we end up touching a bunch of things that are not typical engineering responsibilities (at least for me). This includes embedded software drivers for new hardware, virtual reality, 4k touch displays, voice recognition, unity gaming, BrakePack and PizzaTime. That’s right, PizzaTime!

Our work at Artefact often hits on that exciting but unknown territory of cutting edge of technology, which requires us to blaze our own trails and work through challenges no one has even thought of yet. As such, we have a diverse group of developers, with backgrounds in 3D gaming, enterprise server software, internet startups, hardware development, and more, each working on a different project all the time. As a team, we love learning from each other and always look for new ways to share new tricks of the trade or solutions we’ve created. For some reason, these sharing sessions always seem to happen at the bar, or the ‘pub’ as Tom, our British director of engineering, calls it.

Through our work, we stumbled on some great solutions from other engineers all over the world, and we’ve come to realize that our experiences could be beneficial to others as well. As fun as it is to talk about the cool stuff we work on, we also want to put our ideas and solutions in a place where we can get feedback and opinions from a much broader community of our peers, and hopefully learn even more along the way.

With that, we would like to introduce Artefact Dev Talk on Medium. Check out our first post on the advantages and drawbacks of Elastic Beanstalk and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow us to stay up to date with our latest stories!