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This Holiday Support The Red Cross with Typography

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a well-designed message that you can enjoy all year, right?

Like most of you, we have staff meetings. Ours occur every Wednesday after bagels have been decimated. The first 90 seconds of the meeting we display a quote that we crowdsource from our employees. Some are inspirational, others are funny (or just plain puzzling). But looking back, the quotes have become a way to reflect on the ups and downs of our journey. A way to remind people of what’s important. And a bottomless pit of jokes.

So when we started thinking about how to celebrate and commemorate this holiday season with you (and, let’s be honest, how to outdo our last year’s achievement), we decided to capture the spirit of this year with a curated selection of our favorite Wednesday quotes. And then we made them into beautiful typographic posters to decorate our walls.

Happy holidays from all of us at Artefact! May you find inspiration or joy in some of these quotes. And if you want to share them or inspire others, you can order a print of any of the posters here:

Red Cross

If you order a poster, we will donate the proceeds to The Red Cross.