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Artefact: A Best Company to Work For

We made the list for Seattle Business Magazine’s 2016 Best Companies To Work For! Each year, as our city grows and more companies participate in this competition, it becomes more difficult to make the list or remain on it. And it has never been more important, because if growth is good for business, it also means more competition for talent.

This is not the first time we have been recognized by Seattle Business Magazine for creating a place that is inspiring, rewarding and happy. But we never take that for granted and know that making it on the list one year does not mean our work is over. On the contrary. After winning a spot in 2014, we dedicated last year to making sure that we maintain our edge. We dedicated time and effort to review what makes Artefact unique and explored different avenues to keep everyone excited about working here. And I am not talking only about reading HBR and FastCompany articles. We held multiple feedback groups where we dug into what it means to have a positive and negative working experience. Following the familiar user research process, we synthesized this data and identified challenges and opportunity areas for us to grow into.

It is through this process of open-eyed, honest self exploration that we determined that if we want to maintain our existing strong culture, we need to provide our people with the environment and tools to facilitate learning, growth, and support. In addition to the already existing generous training budget, we decided that it is time to create a coaching program and give everyone in our company a voice, perspective, guidance, and support.

An honor like that is only possible if you are constantly working on getting better and are not afraid to be honest and change when what worked in the past is no longer enough. Artefact is a place that holds itself to a high bar. I’m proud to work here because we challenge ourselves to constantly grow and better ourselves, our environment, our organization. We see this award as confirmation of the evolution of Artefact. We are ready for the next one!