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Artefact Gets High with New Product: 10,000ft

Today marks a significant milestone in Artefact’s journey. When we started the company almost six years ago, we always knew that some day we would design, develop, and ship our own products. Why? Because “shipping” is in our blood. Because we love bringing ideas to life, making them real, and seeing if they resonate with other people.

After a year of really hard work by an extremely talented team, that day has come. We are thrilled to announce the release of our very own product. 10,000ft is a collaborative tool for managing people and projects that developed as a response to a pain we felt at Artefact every day as we struggled to answer questions such as, When do I start my next project? Who’s available to do the work? Can I add more resources? What will our utilization look like two to three months from now?


We simply couldn’t find a tool that fit our needs. We had, like many others, used Microsoft Excel as a way to manage our workflow and resources. But after several years, it started to buckle under the weight. So we looked around for an alternative, and after trying out several tools, we couldn‘t find one that that brought together resource planning and painless time tracking in a simple way. Most tools are bogged down with detailed data, the kitchen-sink approach that makes it difficult to install, let alone use. They centered on financials, not on people and decisions.

When we saw demand from others like us, we began to connect with other design consulting teams that had the same pain points and realized there was an opportunity to make this into a real product.

One of the lessons we learned after exploring a mobile solution for the medical industry was, “do what you know.” Given our collective histories in building productivity software, we felt well-suited to solving this problem. Fortunately, once we framed the core problems, we were able to pull in many people to work on the product over the course of nine months, so this has truly been a collaborative effort.

But were we only solving our own problems? Or was this something that other people and companies could leverage? During our beta test, we had the chance to validate the 10,000ft’s value proposition with some eager participation from roughly 300 users at nearly 30 top tier companies such as Scott Wilson’s Minimal, Weber Shandwick, and Astro Studios.


We are seeing dramatic changes in the 21st century workplace as new technologies force teams to adjust to new challenges such as decentralization and democratization. These values have been at the core of how we’ve built Artefact. We believe 10,000ft reflects these trends, enabling teams to collaborate in new ways and providing meaningful insights around personal expertise and company performance. We are truly proud of our work and we hope that you will take a moment to check it out.