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Artefact Clients In The News

At Artefact, we work with our clients to design products that go beyond the cool and the now; for us, it’s about designing to create lasting and positive change for real people. Recently, Artefact clients have been in the news earning well-deserved attention for the way their products are improving the lives of people, from reducing head injuries for football players to restoring eyesight for the legally blind. As design partners on all of these products, nothing makes what we do more worthwhile than seeing clients demonstrating just how powerful design can be by changing lives for the better.


VICIS player advocate Doug Baldwin with the VICIS ZERO 1, designed by Artefact. Photo credit VICIS.


Every year, the NFL and NFLPA release the results of their extensive testing on football helmets to determine which best reduce head impact severity. Of the 33 helmets tested, the helmet we designed with VICIS — the VICIS ZERO 1 —  ranked number one in reducing head impact, beating out brands that make up more than 90 percent of the helmet market.  As Sports Illustrated wrote, “VICIS’ design literally turns the traditional hard polycarbonate helmet that’s been used for decades inside out.” The standout results of safety testing convinced 25 NFL teams to order the VICIS ZERO1 for their players, who could be wearing the helmet as early as this spring in practice. In an industry dominated by big names and contracts, VICIS is breaking through and setting a new standard for player safety based on the groundbreaking design of VICIS ZERO1.


Ethan LaCroix, a 13-year-old boy who is legally blind, was able to shoot hoops with the Harlem Globetrotthers thanks to eSight 3. 

eSight 3

We partnered with eSight on the design of eSight 3, redesigning the groundbreaking glasses to be lighter, more wearable and more powerful for the visually impaired. TIME Magazine just named eSight 3 one of the Best Gadgets of 2017 alongside technology like the SpaceX Falcon. “In a world of Internet-connected coffeemakers and juicers and whatnot, it’s nice to find a gadget aiming to solve problems of a higher order,” TIME wrote . When a child sees his favorite team play for the first time or a man is able to see his wedding day thanks to eSight 3, it’s pretty easy to understand why this is such powerful and transformative technology.

Congratulations to VICIS and eSight. It’s an honor to work with clients that believe design can and should be a positive force for change and improve the lives of real people.