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Artefact Named a Best Company to Work for

Artefact’s company objectives are clear and straightforward: We strive for quality, profitability and being the best place to work. But while measuring quality and profitability is fairly straightforward – clients either come back or they do not, revenues either grow or they do not – evaluating a best place to work is not that easy to quantify. That’s why securing a spot on the Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014  meant so much to us. It confirmed that our efforts to build a culture of collaboration, where people feel motivated and empowered to be creative, are paying off.  What makes this ranking even more important is that it is based on our employees’ anonymous detailed responses to questions about vital areas as communication, executive leadership, corporate culture, and workplace environment. A culture is a living thing – it requires constant nurturing as the smallest disruption can take it to an unpredictable and often undesirable direction. So while we are excited and proud to be recognized by the people at Artefact as a great place to work, we know that the work to keep it so can never stop. Our growth as a company depends on it. And if you want to join us on our quest to build and be a best place to work, check out our openings.